Weekend Reading: Europe, Consequence-Free Cancel Culture and the Democrats Late Conversion

It’s the weekend so let’s talk about the best things to read on the Internet.  

In the New York Times, three compelling articles explore how France and Germany are grappling with their respective historical epochs.  France Battles Over Whether to Cancel or Celebrate Napoleon; Was Nazi Germany Defeated or Liberated? Germans Can’t Decide and The Embers of a Long-Smoldering Revolution Are Stoked in France.

Not from this week, but I revisited it this week is the excellent Luke Savage piece in the Atlantic Why Liberals Pretend They Have No Power: Elite politicians invoke the rhetoric of national emergency only to behave like hapless passengers trapped aboard a sinking ship.

Staying with the New York Times, Farhad Manjoo makes the obvious but also somehow needed point that Donald Trump and Josh Hawley haven’t been silenced

It Took the Democrats Half a Century to Rediscover Trickle-Up Economics in The New Republic 

The kind souls who write headlines at Jezebel, own the week as usual with Can You Make It Through This 'Woke' CIA Ad Without Shriveling Into a Desiccated Husk?

The Intercept continues on the extremist beats with some Right-wing Troops Find Themselves Targeted By Their Own War Machine.