It’s a wrap. 2022 that is.

Here’s a couple things I unironically enjoyed in 2022 and one last reminder about the country and world we live in.


The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul.  

I discovered the book from a NYT Podcast interview with the author and loved it. The first half is stronger than the back half, but I still fully recommend it. 

Going to Pieces without Falling Apart by Mark Epstein 

I loved Mark Epstein’s Advice Not Given and Going to Pieces follows the same successful model.  The author blends personal anecdotes with psychotherapeutic and Buddhist guidance while steadfastly avoiding any hybridization of the two. 

Letters from Montreal 

A cute collection of stories from the Letters column in Maisonneuve. As a new transplant it was a charming introduction.  


The Liberation of Paris From Cars Is Working

Out of the ashes: The Squamish Nations redevelopment power play

Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need

What I Mean When I Say 'Ban Cars'

Why Jordan Peterson Is Always Wrong

The HGTV-ification of America. You can't escape the grey floors. 


Look, there's only one. What can I say, I’m not a big music guy.


Best thing I did for myself

4 Day Silent Meditation Retreat at Insight Meditation Society

One last thing...

Justin Trudeau has been a disaster on climate change


Photo by Steven Wright on Unsplash